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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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cape cod in a couple of sprinkles here. there's a closer look at those cape showers and also some out on nantucket, as well. >> tonight more than plenty of people are homes e homeless ripped through and might not be alive tonight if it weren't for the heroic teenager. >> reporter: fair victims share this cell phone video with us. they stood there and watched their home and belongings go up in flames. >> i just want to cry. >> reporter: the alvarez family and several others were in their apartment when the triple-decker went up in flames. a firefighter and another woman were rushed to the hospital. >> it happened around 1:00 in
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and prospect streets in lawrence >> janin' alvarez was taking a nap when someone came banging on their door. alvarez grabbed her five-month-old baby girl and made sure her special needs son escaped the fire. >> the family says the flames were getting close. >> we turned around and the window shattered. >> reporter: close to two dozen people are in and out without a home. some of the fair victims say their belongings can be replaced but their lives can't. >> whoever that teenager is, if you're watching this, thank you. if it wasn't for him, we probably would not be here right now. >> as for the firefighter, we're
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as for the woman that was rushed to the hospital, we're being told that she was taken for heart-related issues. tonight it's still a mystery for what happened. >> live on the scene last night at 10:00. an 84-year-old is recovering from serious burns at a boston hospital tonight. his daughter is treated for smoke we've posted a link to that go fund me page on our web site, >> to be at 11:00, an electric worker was trying to restore power for when he got hit by a car. >> the person who was hit was a town employee and ipswich has its own electrical debt and that electrical worker was out restoring power when he was hit by a car. >> police tell me several other electrical workers witnessed it
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scene and cooperated with police as investigators talked to witnesses and redirected traffic around the crash scene. the kinds of injuries that worker sustained is so far unknown but police tell me what happened when the man who was severely injured was beverly hospital where he is being treated now. fox 25 news. new tonight a wareham man is accused of intentionally crashing his car and then telling his passengers. the crash happened at the state park in carver early this morning. investigators say jordan perry's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he slammed into a large rock. none of the four people in the car were seriously hurt. >> the white shark is attacking a seal and it's very close to
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killed by police has been identified tonight. the district attorney says 41-year-old michael mckinis of malden robbed a gas station early this morning and he claimed he had a gun. police found him minutes later but he refused to take his hands out of the pockets and kept walking closer to them. that's when officers say they shot him. he died at the hospital. >> the bicyclist hit and killed on a highway off-ramp this afternoon. police say the 58-year-old man was riding an electrical bicycle on the sidewalk when he went into the road on the ramp from i-495 to route 110 when him. police tell us the driver didn't realize at first that he hit the man but did stop and cooperate with their investigation. >> worcester police are looking for a man who robbed who held a needle to his neck. police say when the passenger
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demanded cash, the car, which crashed into a parked car, police are still looking for the suspect. >> the suspect in a deadly hit-and-run crash in brockton is being held on $10,000 bail tonight after turning himself in. prosecutors say milton as mitted he was driv when he hit sergio and kept going. his lawyers say he panicked but surrendered two days later because he wanted to do the right thing. >> he stated he had no way to brake and hit the person and panicked and went home. >> police say they arrested a man twice just hours apart for drunk driving. today a judge ordered steven burns held without bail and police also say he was drunk while picking up his child from the school they released him and arrested him again just before midnight. we're told his license has been
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shot 51-year-old robert chat knee in the chest. neighbors say his apartment has always been a concern. >> we knew something was gonna happen sooner or later. we told the police for at least six months, 17 months, that we've seen traffic going in and out all the time. >> no arrests have been made. police are asking the public to remain vigilant. >> today we learned evidence has been taken from the home of the ohio state university attacker and we're also hearing from one of his victims. >> a link to a motive law enforcement sources tell fox news investigators have seized two electronic devices. meantime, one of our victims recounted the attack. >> it all happened so fast. we say literally at least it seemed to me -- maybe the time frame is a little compressed but literally maybe 15 to 30 seconds i heard the shots and it was over. >> reporter: investigators tell fox news artan was not on their
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the u.s. in pakistan arriving in 2014. he was a legal permanent resident. he excelled in school, graduating from columbus state unit college with an -- community college with an associate's degree. he ranted about the treatment of muslims, particularly in burma. he is praised as a hero. earlier this month, the department of homeland security security warned of an increasing threat. dhs is especially concerned that terrorists and home grown violent extremists may be encouraged or inspired to target public events or places.
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evidence to indicate that this individual may have been motivated by extremism and may have been motivated by a desire to carry out an act of terrorism. the training involved dealing with an active attacker and no time to wait for back-up. >> they wait for one, for two officers to show up. we don't have time so this officer ended up doing a fantastic job and definitely the hero of this response. the wildfires in tennessee has killed three people and destroyed hundreds of homes. in all more than 14,000 residents and tourists have been forced to vat the sit of
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flames and it caught everyone off guard last night. the policeman sawed that he would recommend we leave because the fire was getting close to where the cabin was. >> it's at the doorsteps of dolly parton's popular theme park but it was spared from any major damage. a plane crash claiming the of a regional soccer team. the charter plane was headed to the south american cup finals in columbia. video posted right before take-off showed players happy about a huge recent win. but soon after, pilots reported electrical problems and the plane went down. amazingly, six people survived but they do have traumatic injury. >> just as some rain is moving out of here tonight, i already have my eyes on this storm moving in tomorrow with more heavy rain on the way producing tornadoes out there tonight plus, new tonight, why the law might take longer than planned to go into affect. >> and a homeowner turns the
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>> assumption massachusetts voted the legalized recreational marijuana, one town has already voted to delay the opening of any pot shops and today the secretary of state told fox 25 there could be a delay certifying the ballot question
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>> record voter turn-out, late arriving military and overseas ballots and a new requirement to conduct post election audits. some of the reason why the massachusetts state secretary william galvin warns the legalization law may not take affect on december 15, the day it's supposed to, and he also cites a limited staff and priorities. >> the president of the united states is more important and members of congress are more important than this marijuana matter and it's referendum would take affect the same year it was passed. >> if there is a delay, galvin estimates it would likely only be a matter of days. the former state prosecutor directed the yes on four campaign and says it's disappointing but not his main concern. >> i'm wary that legislators might make broad sweeping changes.
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>> reporter: state lawmakers are expected to make changes to the law. the possibilities include increasing the 3.75 state tax rate on the retail sale of pot, postponing the opening of the stores that sell marijuana for rememberrational use and tweaking the provision that allows people to grow up to 12 plants at home we hope that it's not talking into account the spirit of the law. >> voters approved a plan to temporarily block pot shops from trying to open in that town. according to the yes on 4 campaign the town of west bridgewater is also expected to take up a similar moratorium and meeting there next month. ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> donald trump's chief campaign strategist will not be coming to harvard this week. steve banning was set to speak
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school. the conservative medial group has been called an outlet for racist views. bannen is a harvard alum and no word why he pulled out of the event. >> happens every year, new at 11:00, nathan o'neill introduces us to the man who decided to seek revenge on a couple of thieves who kept stealing his boxes. las vegas neighborhood in recent weeks. >> it's gotten to the point where it's just getting worse. >> reporter: now eric snow, a 38-year army veteran is taking matters into his own hands. >> we decided to put out the. >> reporter: well, it worked. eric caught these two guys on surveillance camera saturday afternoon rolling new a green car to steal the bait package. the pair seemingly unfazed by their guard dog but what exactly
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chow. >> reporter: you heard him, dog chow. >> a function -- reprocessed dog chow, in other words a pungent package ready for the >> i thought it was hilarious. >> reporter: a unique tactic of using the neighborhood. >> hopefully these people realize we're tired of them. >> reporter: with a clear message for the thieves.
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it. >> oh, man. can you imagine? i wish the cameras were rolling when he opened up the package. >> that'll teach him. >> wouldn't want to in the car with him when he did that. >> kev, we'll let you take it from here. oh, thanks a lot. appreciate that. . let's talk about some rain, shall we. that'll clean things up. west wareham, over 1 1/2, dorchester nearly a half inch. thanks for that late report coming in at 11:00. >> cape cod got the most on the islands too and know i'm watching another batch of heavy rain as pointed right at southern new england. had some severe weather with it and tornados in the deep south. tonight. tornadoes on the ground right now. when it gets hereth not gonna have that activity but it will have another batch of heavy rain. let's talk about what you're dealing with out there tonight, the last of the rainshowers leaving cape cod and nantucket at this hour. light rain left over. it will be gone. a wind gust to 29. worcester get a little extra
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21 miles per hour in the last hour, as well. >> temperatures are mild. 60 in norwood. right now it's been coolest back here all day long. >> 39 to 61 across the area. with cooling temperatures and all the water on the ground you get some fog to start to develop. although there's much more fog off to the west. >> it'll get thicker as the nate progresses. >> it will be clearing tonight. clouds roll back in tomorrow. i expect rain to develop by the afternoon. south and north of boston and
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and your wake-up forecast, fog, clouds, no rain. back to the rain on thursday morning, the last of it leaves during the morning drive on thursday. we're back to some clearing skies and this is where the real drying starts to take place. if you're driving northward this weekend, you have a better chance of running into clouds or rain or snowshowers with more energy spinning around up that way but looks like it wants to stay to our north. so southern new england will be high and dry this weekend. seven-day forecast shows you that here nicely. rain tomorrow afternoon and evening getting heavy and leaving thursday morning after the commute and by this weekend drying out. that's important because if you're all still watching, you're likely wanting to hear about sports home game at 1:00
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at foxboro. >> rob gronkowski's kept him from tonight's children's event in south boston seaport so a few other players joined local tv legend jay leno instead to raise money for children's hospital. since 1977 this event has raised more than $42 million for children's patients and research. >> incredible event. ahead inpo we'll hear from drew, who did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business.
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>> man, it was tough to watch, but then... >> bruins were tough to watch but the final 20 minutes and overtime and the shoot-out really did have you glueded to the tube. front of the net, third of the season, 2-1 filly and just a minute and a half later, brad marchand, the shot will miss but brad fires on the rebound so
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this goes to and through overtime and tied at 2. 9 rounds and ends with shane gust and trickles over and gets a point but they get a win 3-2. rick porcello named the american league comeback player of the year interesting because he only really came back from a bad season. not an injury. no player really wants to be in that category but the good news is that he did bounce back from career numbers in 2016, numbers that led to his first career cy young award. the patriots could be taking a show on the road south of the border next year. mexico city reportedly could host another game, this time the raiders and patriots, it would be an oakland home game so the pats would not lose the home game at gillette stadium. cannoning and the team have
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foreseeable future and cannon has done a good job stepping in for sebastian. star-studded class honoring layla ali, shaquille o'neal, bill lee, wayne cashman and greg bledsoe who spent some time chatting with butch stearns. >> our old stomping grounds and be honored in boston is it's and for my wife and myself, we grew up out here. we got here, i was 21 when i got here, i was single and my wife followed me out here, we left, we were married and had three kids.
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like home to us and great to be back. >> more from drew plus so many more, troy, jermaine brown, willie mcginnis as we get you set for a special celebration for the 2001 champs at the game. matt leyden and i will be at gillette stadium kicking it off at 10:00 a.m. for you. and while we're talking dynasty today we're going to unseat alabama this year. here's the college football rankings unveiled tonight. washington and michigan with the old flip-flop after the wolverines lose to ohio state this past saturday so -- alabama and alabama. >> i agree. they're a well oiled machine. the. >> here the seven-day forecast. >> its one thing i want to caution you about is there will be fog around. make sure you check tomorrow morning. sarah wroblewski will be here for shiri in the morning and
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> i don't know why he did it but wiz khalifa really took a shot at kanye west saying that marijuana is good for all that ails you. >> kanye wst is paranoid, he doesn't need to smoke weed because sometimes you can freak out. harvey: ok, we don't need an expert right now. [laughter] >> tyga is in some serious, serious trouble if you ask me. new hot 21 savvy. he put a picture up on instagram of kylie jenner. ace of diamonds.night leaving - >> you have a thing for kylie. >> yeah. >> really? >> iron bolt prepremiere, a movie about usain bolt's life and justin bieber was there. harvey: who's the bigger star? i think justin bieber. >> i think bolt is more fun than justin bieber. >> you see bolt in a club.


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